Saturday, April 9, 2011


Okay so my 92 pound dog Layla thinks she is a squirrel!! Every time I eat nuts she is right there next to me almost climbing on my lap to get at what I have. You would think I was eating beef jerky or something like that!

About 5 minutes ago I broke out a can of pecans and out of no where Ms. "I can smell anything" appears. After telling her to "get" for about 5 mins I gave in and let her have one ( I know bad Mommy) but she ate it and acted like it was prime rib!

I am almost reminded of how a cat acts on Catnip...... Are nuts a drug to dogs? I would love to know what your dogs like and how they behave to get it lol!!!!!!!

Hopefully they won't hurt her. So far I cannot find anything about them being poisonous on the web but if anyone knows differently please let me know!!!! Take Care!!!


  1. Don't know about dogs but we had a cat once that was that way over dry roasted peanuts. Never hurt her.

  2. How funny! My cat ate frozen peas :) Yeah I figured that it was okay. I finally did call the vet and he laughed saying that it is just one of those things... she must be a nut LOL