Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fairy Tale Challenge From The Divas!

I love the challenges that the Fire Divas do! For those of you just joining my blog or don't know I am a member of an awesome group of glass girls that call themselves the Fire Divas. We have a lot of fun promoting the art of glass and each other. So this month we have a new challenge that I am a part of! The challenge theme is "Fairy Tales" so come on over and check out the amazing work that myself and other Divas have submitted. Vote for your favorite piece and also make sure to leave a comment! There will be a winner chosen at random from the comment list to win a fabulous prize! Come on over and vote now!!!
Here is the link to the blog entry and I am working on getting the code so I can show you guys some REAL eye candy!
Fairy Tale Fire Divas Challenge

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