Sunday, March 27, 2011

Harry Potter Knitting House Cup

I have been a terrible student at my Ravelry Hogwarts School for Knitting and Crocheting!
I have 4 assignments that need to be completed for my classes!!!

Okay those of you who don't know me probably read that and rolled your eyes!! Well I love knitting almost as much as I love glass mostly because it is a functional craft and the colors that yarn comes in are just lush! Plus lampworking fits in nicely as knitters are always looking for some really cool buttons to use in their projects!

I am also a yarn dyer and spinner which creates so many design possibilities. You may even get a parcel of my beads tied up with bits of yarn from my handspun collection!

Here are some of my latest projects that I have made including my first plied yarn! Enjoy and look for me on Ravelry! Go Gryffindors!


  1. OMG! I've always wanted to knit! The best I've ever managed...was a knifty knitter! You are so talented! Where do you get the time!

  2. Thank you :) I am self taught in knitting but the spinning I learned off of youtube. It is so much simpler than it looks and I just use a drop spindle no expensive wheels. I buy the fiber already dyed. As for time, this is the one thing I can do when I am in bed watching TV or if torching doesnt work out, even in car if the DH is driving :)