Monday, March 21, 2011

Lightroom3- Love It!!!

Being a bead and jewelry artist the hardest thing about what I do seems to be the photography! I know what I see through my eyes but the camera always seems to see things I don't and not in a good way either!  I think I have finally found my solution to this! I have tried other photo editing programs and never really quite mastered them- I was looking for something that did the job but did not take a college course in order to use- Lightroom3 has solved that all for me!! It is easy to use but has the advanced features that make my beads show their true beauty- best of all you can try it for free with no obligation to buy, just visit the adobe website to download and you have 30 days!
Here is an example of how it fixed my photo in a couple of simple steps!

Original Shot Using a light tent with natural light source
Notice the pink cast

This was with the brush mask feature in Lightroom3
No color adjustments were made just a white balance!

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