Saturday, July 23, 2011

New Tool!!!

So My Dear Daddy came for a visit and being an innovative and creative person he quickly solved a problem that I was having with making a particular type of bead. Now I knew that a similar tool existed for this purpose but I was taking it a step further to try and create the same look on a smaller scale (more information and pics on that coming in a future post!) So my Dad read my mind and grabbed some raw material and went to the garage! He came back with a tool that I was sure would work!

It did and I now have what I need to make what I would like I do not have any pictures up of the tool yet ( I would like to make sure this is what I will be using and then I will share the secret :D ) So I will leave you with some pictures of some new beads that I made for a custom order.

Stay tuned for some shots of the beads made with this "new tool" oh and remember Daddies make the best mandrel makers, tool inventors, and fans of glass goodies!!!!

New Custom Beads:


  1. I am about to post a picture of it now I figure I can be nice and share the new finding and hope that others can benefit from what my Dad made me :)