Friday, July 29, 2011

New Murrini!!

I am so excited!! I love sitting in my studio and looking at the glass colors I have surrounding me. I gather so much inspiration for murrini blends this way- sometimes a color combo will pop out at me and other times I will be sitting there and pick up rod after rod and after a while I will come back to certain colors that just seemed to call to me.

Murrini is very different from most other glass elements- for one, murrini blends unlike frit blends are not dependent on certain color reactions since most murrini is used individually on a bead so you could mix colors together that would other wise have some not so nice reactions. The next idea is that the layers of color in a single cane almost have a watercolor like effect depending on how you layer them this makes a sort of "painting" within a painting when used on glass beads.

I created this new blend to show off the rich and seductive colors that I love to use in my own beads. The main tone is purple but I have added splashes of handmixed colors including a salmon pink and a rich teal. There are some surprises including blue aventurine lines on the teal cane and a chip that has EDP (for non glass people that would be Evil Devitrifying Purple) as the color star!
So whether you are looking for a way to jewel up a bead or just love purple this is the blend for you! Stay tuned for another great blend that will have saying "It's a jungle out there!"

You can find more of my great murrini at Feng Frit Factory Etsy Store This blend will be listed soon so stay tuned and happy torching!!!


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