Friday, August 5, 2011

My Lady...... Brand New Renaissance Garden Beads

I am getting into the spirit of the upcoming Autumn Season and I cannot wait for all the fall colors and smells and sights ( I even have my own pumpkin patch!!) I have always associated Autumn with the rich colors of the Renaissance Period and I have started creating new focal and accent pieces in my Renaissance Garden line.


I have been studying some pieces of tapestry and art jewelry from that time period and also what jewels would have been used in pieces and art work. I love the rich feel that the silver glass palette offers me for this kind of work. I can duplicate the look of a precious stone or get a guilded golden look.

I am also inspired by Harry Potter so stay tuned for some great pieces with the rich old world feel.

I cannot wait to smell fresh mulled cider and pumpkin pie and drink crisp delicious pumpkin juice (yes it is real and is delicious! If you like ice tea you must try it!)

Enjoy the new beads just click on the pictures to take you to my Etsy Shop!!

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