Monday, August 8, 2011

I am in love with colour! Without this surreal concept ( I mean there are some who cannot see it or cannot decipher it) we who can see in this spectrum would be lost. How would we describe something? If a persimmon was not a an orangey coral color how would we tell you what is looked like?
 I often take pictures of things that I later look back on and wish there was a crayon that color or a rod of glass. I am in awe of the way that colours can change our mood, our perception and our lives. It's significance in the natural world is per-found it can signal danger, poision, love, and even fertility.
I know you are thinking "WOW what a deep post where is this going?" Well I stumbled upon a website that gives us colour lovers a chance to display our passion in the form of colour palettes, patterns and descriptions. It even lets you name the colour if no one has used it or named it yet. For instance I chose this delicate purple that reminded me of a purple Phlox so the name became Phlox! I have had a blast already creating and I am sure that all you artists already know about it but for those of you that don't check it out! You will be lost in a world all your own! Colourlovers is simply too much fun!

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