Saturday, August 6, 2011

Nifty Tool

Okay after getting a chance to use my tool and develop a strategy for using it I figure I would share with you the very simple yet effective tool that my Daddy created for me. Now I have plans to mount these on handles to make them more user friendly. I will post my developments here so you all can see how easy it will be. I call these RC Petal Cuppers: named after the creator (dear Dad's initials)

Now I have always been intrigued with the depth of some of the florals out there and after a lot of trial and error I discovered that most of the tools I had did not properly cup the individual petal itself. I love the look of the floral murrini where the petals are delicately cupped and look like, well a real flower!

I had tried several readily available tools and I either got an air bubble (caused by too much and too sharp of an indentation) or I got smearing caused by too great of a surface area on a tool. The next issue was finding a tool that would solve these problems but be sturdy enough to use and comfortable to hold.
I explained all this to my Dad and after studying a picture of a bead with the effect I was looking for he went to my studio and plucked something from my stash and went off towards the garage- when he came back he had a new device in his hand and I went to the torch! After some trial and error (I knew what I wanted but was not sure how to start) I finally got the look I wanted!

So what is the big secret??? Okay Okay here it is my Dad created a rounded end to one of 1/8th inch mandrels (a little more difficult than just grinding the end down) this is a whole 1/8th in smaller than the smallest "petal pusher" available which was designed to be used in a slightly different way. I am planning on having my husband mount this onto a wooden handle for easier use!
The beauty of this tool is that it is something anyone can make (providing you have the right tools in the garage) and it is very effective.
Here you can see how each petal is cupped this was one of the first trials but a great example! I will have a full tutorial on how I use my RC Petal Cupper in an upcoming post for now I am so happy to have this great new tool albeit simple!! Thanks Daddy!!!

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