Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Goodbye to Blogger Hello Sundoorbeads.com

After some long thinking, www.sundoorbeads.com will be the new home of ALL of my news and blog posts. In the past before I changed websites I had a blog and a separate e-commerce sites. I want to be able to reach as many of my customers as possible and I feel that merging my blog with my .com is the best way to do that! 
Since I use Wordpress for my site it seems only natural that I transfer over blogging to sundoorbeads.com So for all of my loyal followers of my Blogger- Glass Gurl I would so appreciative if you would subscribe to sundoorbeads.com! I will be posting this as well over on blogger so that all of my current followers have the chance to switch over before I close out my Blogger next month. 
Thank you to all of my blog followers who made getting, and creating a blog so fun and memorable! I look forward to seeing you over on sundoorbeads.com! 
Warm Wishes, Michelle

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