Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Back On Ebay!!

I have been a dedicated Etsy seller for a year now (on longer but hence the word dedicated!) and I must say that it has been wonderful, however I was urged by a colleague to try Ebay again. Now the reason I left had more to do with fees than success and I was at a point where I needed to nickle and dime my budget so I had no choice.

Well with the Holidays fast approaching I felt like it was well worth the effort and with a few incentives I decided it would be worth it to give it a go. Here are some sets I currently have up on the "Bay" stop by and take a look!!
Deep Tides Tesoro Collection
Indian Summer Tesoro Collection
Shades Of Phlox Charm Bead Collection

I will be listing several items in the coming weeks leading up to the Holidays with my focus being on my Tesoro Collection- being simpler in style and design I can easily make larger sets of them in a variety of shapes that seem to appeal to the Ebay crowd. I will offer my Renaissance Garden beads as well and with my new Christmas designs I have in the works I am super excited about showing off my new glass creations!

I will leave you with a preview of my latest Christmas design it isnt even off the mandrel yet Smiley
Sorry I just get so giddy thinking about snow and pine trees!!

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