Sunday, May 22, 2011

ArtFire Change

I am torn between keeping my ArtFire Shop open or closing it for good. This is a tough one. I have had some sales on ArtFire more in the short amount time then I had in the same amount of time when I first started on Etsy.

My concerns are about some of the formats, one being that you cannot see when an item sold and what that item was. To me this is one of the features I love about Etsy. I can look at a persons shop and see, WOW the last time they sold was 2009 and there were lets say 2 neutral and 1 negative right before the sales dropped- I just may think twice about purchasing from that person. OR you can see a trend in what is selling.

The second reason is that customers do not have to have an account to purchase and therefore are not allowed to leave feedback even if they wanted to. Feedback keeps us informed and I believe helps. I had a customer tell me how sorry she was that she had not been able to leave comments on her positive experience due to not being a registered buyer.

The last issue is being able to dedicate my time on one selling platform something I have been talking about doing for a while and thought that ArtFire was the answer. I have developed a following on Etsy and have found a "family" of customers and followers- it seems harder to accomplish this on ArtFire?
So what to do??? I would love to know from those of you who have both shops, shop both venues, or have contemplated the same issue and found a resolve.

I will leave you with a little eye candy- one of my latest Tesoro Sets that sadly I found a small crack in most likely from the CZ I set.

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