Tuesday, May 24, 2011

WHAT IS THIS!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay I am not a bug person AT ALL. Especially when it interferes with my torching. Now normally I know the culprit- Mr. Horsefly, however this morning (as well as last night) I was bothered by a dragonfly like sound (that kinda humming buzzing) but when I turned around I could not see anything. Well this morning I went out to torch and heard it again. I looked at my screen and saw something that scared the crap out of me! This bug has wings like a dragonfly a hairy body that is greyish in color and these creepy LONG antennae that kinda have a mind of their own. I know I am being a scaredy cat but I do not even have the courage to go and swat at it for fear that it will buzz back in my face............................... I am hopeless! Can anyone tell me what this bug is??


  1. Is it a type of moth? It looks way too large for any type of insect I want in my studio.

  2. Nope it is called an Owl Fly!!! I got some help identifying it from Margaret Zinser. Apparently the are harmless and actually eating the bad bugs. I am still a little freaked but I will let him stay :)